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Windshiel lamb and mutton comes from our flock of Lleyn sheep. We have approximately 800 breeding ewes, all lambing outdoors (unless they need special treatment) at the end of March through April. The Lleyn breed is known for its good mothering ability, easy lambing and prolificacy.
Reared outdoors on our farm in the Lammermuir hills, the sheep graze on clover rich pastures throughout the year, supplemented in winter with arable silage (peas, barley, oats and red clover) and fodder crops (turnips and kale) all grown on the farm. Lambs are finished on mainly grass-based diets with the occasional supplement of kale/turnips which allows for better confirmation as they mature slowly.
The meat is hung for 7-10 days before being butchered and this combined with its natural, organic rearing produces tender lamb and mutton full of flavour.
Lamb and Mutton
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