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5th December 2018

I have just heard that the market at Penicuik on Friday 7th December has been cancelled due to forecast high winds.  This means that we will have meat available to sell, which has been butchered ready for the market.  So if you would like some fresh mutton, lamb, pork, bacon, gammon, sausages or frozen beef, please get in touch with us as follows:

Sharon                                                  Joe – 07768 394 742

E: seb@windshiel.co.uk

M: 0797 754 3817

T: 01361 883863

On another note...........

The smart object which used to be our blog has now discontinued.  I knew it was going to happen but never quite got around to doing anything about it, so my previous blog posts have disappeared into the ether!  Never mind!  Probably the best place for them I can imagine some people saying!!

Anyway since I'm here, a quick update.....

After a very long, dry Spring & hot, dry Summer it is now wet & miserable!  Fortunately the aquifer supplying our new tank & troughs on the hill has begun to fill up again, so always a silver lining!!

The tups are in with the sheep.  The bulls have just left the cows, along with the young calves, so the girls are getting some well earned peace & quiet to prepare themselves for what the winter throws at us.  We have some new pigs: a saddleback gilt who has 3 piglets which were born here in October & 3 Berkshire weaners, newly arrived from Christmas Farm.  Ruby (Joe & Laura's lab) had 10 puppies in September – clever girl!!  She is back to pre-puppy fitness and has 2 of her offspring hanging on her every move or rather hanging of her neck folds!!!  She is so patient, bless her.  

So if I don't get back to this before Christmas, wishing all our family, friends & customers a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year!

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