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27th February 2020!!

I’m back!!  Huge apologies that it’s taken me over a year, since getting a new PC to get this website back on the road again.  Today I found the web-authoring software & installed it.  In doing so, I realise that lots of the pics and info are a little dated, so I shall do my best to get it updated ASAP.

In the meantime, all is well here. As usual we are coping with the vagaries of the weather and hoping for improvement.  Also as usual we have a few early lambs in the shed!  We don’t officially start lambing until early April, but some over eager tups got to work a bit early last October!

We are still selling meat at the market in Brighton Park, Portobello, Edinburgh on the first Saturday of every month.  We have mutton, lamb, beef, pork & bacon.  We also have meat in the freezers at the farm, so if you need something in between times, it’s always worth getting in touch.

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